Volunteer Highlights


My name is Sarah Ripley and I’m an early education specialist with Detroit Early Head Start and the Birth to Five program.  I found out about SOPF in 2013, after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was worried about being on disability during chemo and losing income.  A friend of mine told me about Shades of Pink, so I checked out the website, then worked with my medical social worker to fill out an application.  Shades of Pink helped me pay my mortgage and some utility bills for two months.

Since then, I’ve participated in the Shades of Pink Foundation fashion show fundraiser and the Walk at the Zoo.  I was also interviewed with Jan Wade on channel 7 about my experience.  Now that the cancer is behind me, I’m trying to give back to Shades of Pink Foundation to thank them for their help and to get help for other women who are struggling with making ends meet during breast cancer treatment.  Currently, I am in charge of the SOPF Twitter page.  Follow us at @sopf_official


My name is Dawn Evola and I am a recent volunteer to the Shades of Pink Foundation.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2013 and underwent a lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, mastectomy and reconstruction.

My prognosis is great and I had a tremendous amount of support throughout my illness, however, I realized during my recovery that there were many women who were not as fortunate as I was and that needed a little help to get them through a very difficult time in their lives. During my recovery, I decided I would like become involved with an organization that supported women locally, was small enough so I felt that I would make a difference and an organization that I truly believed in.

It seemed that everywhere I went throughout my recovery I continued to see brochures about, or would hear someone talking about, The Shades of Pink Foundation, so I began doing some research and signed up for the Zoo walk last year.  I rallied my friends and family and we all enjoyed the walk at the zoo.  I was even more impressed with the organization after the walk and set up a meeting with Suzanne Krueger to see how I might get involved.  Since that meeting I have worked with a wonderful group of women who all care deeply about helping women through a tough time in their lives.  They have done a great job growing the organization and I am just learning some of the ways that I might be helpful.

I am currently working with Dr. Laura Nadeau to help with the 3rd party events by coordinating the supplies for these events.  I just received information on additional volunteer opportunities within the organization and am working to recruit a few of my other friends.  It has been a great experience so far and I look forward to becoming more involved.