Honoring and In Memoriam

In memory of Mary Morrison – Judith Lewis

In memory of Karen Kelly – CJ De Santo, Katherine Kelly, Anne Mauldin

In honor of Ellen’s Birthday Bash – C.S. Kirken, Rachel Benedict

In memory of Dianna Mims – “Dianna’s Pink Flamingo’s”

In memory of Maria Mona                                                                                                             Department of Clinical Quality & Safety, Henry Ford Health System. Maria, who lost her fight with breast cancer this past October, was the mother of one of the department’s co-workers.

In memory of Thelma Benitez – Betty Price

In honor of Maxine Fortson – New Hope Church of the Nazarene

In honor of Ann Pacitti’s 70th Birthday – Alice Miles

In honor of Ann Pacitti’s 70th  Birthday – Carolyn Plsek

In honor of Lindsey Finsilver – “Celebrating a very memorable Mother’s Day together” – Shari & Stanley Finsilver, Dr. Jeffery Foreman, Gloria Levine

In memory of Dennis Joe DeBiasio – Howard & Pamela Biglin, Bill & Judy Lewis, Michael Marderosian, Harold Marderosian, Ronald Muske

I would like to donate “In Memory” or “In Honor” of someone.

Actual email requests for help

From a client…“I would like to thank Shades of Pink Foundation for the financial assistance I received this year. I did not have paid medical leave from my job, so as the bills were mounting, it was helpful to have assistance for my mortgage and car payments. Thank you for your service to the Metro Detroit area.

From a client...“My mother had breast cancer in 2008. Thirty seven days after I lost my insurance due to divorce I was diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma. It wasn’t on a mammogram in November 2010 so it grew fast. I am trying to continue working through treatments so I don’t lose everything. No help from ex-husband but moral support from families. Any help with gas, food and utilities would be greatly appreciated.”

From a social worker...XX is a single woman and head of household. In August 2010 she was diagnosed with Stage 2A, triple Negative breast Cancer. She has undergone chemo, double radical mastectomy and reconstruction with many side effects. She had been off work and was receiving disability pay. They discontinued her disability entirely as of July. She is still in the process of reconstruction and just getting back to work. During this time she has accumulated a large amount of debt to family, friends, retirement accounts and doctors. She is requesting assistance with DTE, phone, car insurance and food.

From a social worker...XX has recently been diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. She is divorced and has 2 children who reside with her, ages 17 and 4. Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer she was working part-time and received unemployment. Her unemployment has run out and she has had surgery and is currently in chemotherapy. She has found another part-time job but is unable to cover all her expenses. She is asking for assistance with rent, food and utilities.

From a client...”I have been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, have had two surgeries, and chemotherapy starts in October. I have not worked since the beginning of September. I am a single mom with two children. I am a hairdresser and plan to go back to work but with limited hours. I am falling behind in my bills. I am currently on food stamps and my husband has started paying his support again. I am 2 months behind in my rent and don’t know how I am going to pay the other bills at this time. “

From a client...“I have worked over twenty years for my company as a manager. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in the middle of July. I have had one complication after another and now 8 weeks out I am still unable to begin my chemotherapy due to complications. I have been the sole financial and emotional support for my autistic, aggressive son. This has been emotionally and financially devastating. A weakened condition has made it impossible to return to work as I am continually fighting infection. I have had my mortgage company begin foreclosure and will probably have to give guardianship of my son as I have no means to support him.”

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